Retrouvaille Vancouver – A Lifeline for Marriages

Sometimes when couples suffer the loss of an infant or child, their marriage can also suffer.  Retrouvaille is a “lifeline for marriages” that are in trouble.  I have personally met a number of couples who thought their marriages were over until they decided to participate in the Retrouvaille program.

Here is information on upcoming weekends:

With the pressures and demands of modern life and too little time, personal
relationships are often taken for granted. It is easy to forget that strong relationships
take work. Before we realize it, we have drifted apart and the gulf between us seems
Sometimes married couples even experience what seem like irreparable crises:
indifference, hatred, infidelity, abuse, addiction, separation. They may think that there
is no hope for their marriage, and believe that the only way out of their misery is
We are here to tell you that there is hope. 
There is a better, more constructive way out of what seems like a hopeless situation. If
you can find the willingness to try repairing your marriage, Retrouvaille can help you
put the pieces back together and rebuild the loving relationship you once had – even
make it better than ever! The Retrouvaille program consists of one weekend and six
follow-ups. The couples who present the program are all volunteers who have
experienced the recovery of their own marriages through Retrouvaille.
There are Retrouvaille programs commencing 
the weekend of April 25 – 27, 2014 in the Lower Mainland 
and the weekend of May 9 – 11, 2014 on Vancouver Island. 
For more information about this transformational Catholic peer ministry,
visit or,
email Vancouverbc(at), or call 60(four)-530-671(zero)