Kindness for Keaton

Today is Kindness Project Day.  It is wonderful thing to do an act of kindness in memory of loved ones.  I can imagine how proud our little ones are to have us express our love to them in this way.  Kind acts are not limited to a specific date of course.  Join other bereaved families around the world and honour your loved one any time you feel moved to do so.

Here are some ideas:

* Purchase someone’s coffee when you go through the drive-thu, it may inspire other customers to do the same

*Buy a package of diapers and give them to an organization that supports women who have unplanned pregnancies

* Add coins to someone’s expired parking meter

* Leave flowers at someone’s door who needs encouragement

Be creative!

For our random act of kindness, our family has decided to have extra MISS Foundation kindness cards “done in loving memory of our beautiful child _____ ” printed.  If you would like us to send you some, please email info(at)littlelightofheaven(dot)com.  Please note that a limited supply is available so contact us soon.


Coming Together To Share Stories

Today, I attended day 1 of the Still Birth Conference, Coming Together to Share Stories organized by Still Life Canada.   Tears were shed and stories were told in an atmosphere of compassion and understanding.  This clearly was a safe place to speak the names of our precious babies who had gone-too-soon.   

It was amazing to hear Dr. Joanne Cacciatore speak about her work with bereaved families and the research she has conducted done in honour of her stillborn daughter Cheyenne.  Health care professionals who came to participate in the conference displayed a willingness to listen and learn from bereaved families.   The team of doctors, nurses, social workers and policy makers all seemed motivated to facilitate positive changes in the hospitals to help buffer the trauma of infant loss which was encouraging.    

A big part of Elizabeth Ministry is to listen to the stories of others and to also share our own.  Peer support can be a simple, yet powerful way to facilitate healing in many ways.  Knowing that you are not alone, that there are others who are on a similar journey can bring a lot of comfort.  I’m grateful that Still Life Canada organized this event. 

So where do we go from here?  I look forward to day 2 of the Coming Together to Share Stories conference and the action plan that comes of this gathering.  Kudos to the volunteers who made this conference happen.