Angel Dresses

Do you sew?  Are you wondering what to do with your old wedding or grad dress?  Is it just hanging in your closet waiting to be useful in some way?  Read how volunteers sew beautiful burial gowns for babies.

According to the Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Times, this organization collects “donated old and new wedding dresses, bridesmaids attire, grad gowns, and any formal wear with fabric the seamstresses can use. Kowalski is also on the hunt for donated trim or notions to enhance the gowns”.  Read more about this “labour of love” and how this team of seamstresses are making a difference for bereaved families.

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Volunteer Photographers – NILMDTS

So many times I have heard families say that they wish they had learned about the option of having photographs of their babies before it was too late to do so.  Here is a news story that features Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep (NILMDTS) and the wonderful work that volunteer photographers do to keep important memories alive.

If you hear of a family who has lost or will likely lose their infant, please consider letting them know about this volunteer organization.  Many blessings to the photographers who offer their heart and soul to serving our community with their empathy and expertise.

Infant Caskets…Made with Brotherly Love

A friend of mine, who lost her son a few years ago, posted information about a ministry called the Child Casket Fund.  Trappist Monks of New Melleray Abbey hand make wooden caskets as a corporal act of mercy and offer them as gifts to families who may not otherwise be able to afford one.

There are both infant and toddler caskets available as well as ones for children, youth and adults.  It makes me sad just thinking that small size caskets are even available, but as some of you are well aware, the little ones are needed too.

After the loss of a child, there are many logistical things to consider which seems very cruel and unfair to have to think about when you are grieving – especially if the death is sudden and unexpected.  Maybe knowing that your child’s final resting cradle has been embraced with a lot of love and surrounded by prayers, may offer a little bit of comfort in this time of intense suffering.

The monks also plant a tree seedling for each child and a Mass is celebrated in your little one’s name.  What a wonderful way to honour the life of a child gone-too-soon.

God bless,

Keaton’s Mama


Prayer For Our Family

Dear Lord, thank you for blessing us with our child. May we always cherish this gift, dedicating in faith this little one to You. Watch over our child’s life and shine Your guiding light upon us all. We pray our home is filled with love and laughter, helping us to be genuinely kind in mind, heart and soul.

As Mother Mary and St. Joseph adored their Son, we wish to treasure our child forever and pray that the love of the Holy Family be with everyone.  Amen.

 Note:  Prayer cards available.  Pls. contact us for more information.

Prayer written by Keaton’s Mommy & Daddy (2011) – representing the intimate thoughts of our hearts while we were expecting baby Keaton’s arrival. 

Prayer for Our Child in Heaven

Dearest Little One, we thank Our Heavenly Father for blessing us with your sweet, yet brief life.  Know that you have touched our lives forever and we will always love and miss you.  We trust Jesus will keep you safe in His care, and pray that one day, we’ll also be able to hold you for eternity.  Holy Spirit, may You heal our hearts; inspire us to live faithfully in the hope of everlasting peace and joy in Heaven, and may we all be together as a family again.  Amen.

NOTE:  Prayer cards featuring the “Light of Life” image by Libby Dulac are available.  Pls. contact us for more information.