Owen’s Story – Infant Loss & Hope Amidst Heartache

I’ve known Owen’s mom for a couple of years now and we met because someone we both knew thought it could be a potentially healing experience for us to share our stories with one another.  I feel blessed to have people in my life who are willing to journey with me and who understand that our children are a gift from God to be loved and cherished, even after they have gone to heaven. 

There are many kinds of infant losses which are unexpected and sudden such as ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage and SIDS for example.  But what if you were told by a medical expert that the miracle baby growing inside of you would surely die? 

“I listened as a stranger told us that our baby would soon die.  Listened as a stranger told us that we would have, at most, a few minutes or hours to hold our baby alive. But that far more likely, we would lose our child long before birth. That our beloved son was likely never to grow, and not to survive the length of my pregnancy. That we could lose our precious baby any day”.  (Owen’s mom)

When I first read the story of this little boy’s short life, I was moved to tears and knew that it deserved to be shared.  I will let this babylost mom tell you in her own words about how her and her husband loved their son letting God decide when it was time for him to go.  Owen’s life matters and has meaning and his story begins like this…

By The Brightness After Rain

My life is not what I ever imagined it would be. It is true that there has been far more pain than I ever could have fathomed. But that pain, though always present, rests now in the shadow of something far greater. That pain now resides in a quiet place, surrounded by blessing and beauty far beyond anything I’ve ever dreamed of. My life has been transformed completely – not into the life I once hoped for, but into one so much fuller and richer and deeper. And that gift of transformation and beauty has been given to me and to my little family by just one tiny person. Our precious newborn son Owen.  God’s perfect, transforming gift.

To read Owen’s full story, please click here.

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Prayers for Maeve

This post on Carly Marie’s blog is truly inspiring.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Maeve and her twin daughters Aibhlinn and Caoimhe.

Carly Marie shares Maeve’s story on her blog and writes:

The memorial service for Aibhlinn and Caoimhe will be held this Saturday July 16th, 42 years and 3 months after they passed away. If you have a moment on Saturday, please send out some love and a prayer for Maeve.

It is never too late to name your babies.

It is never too late to hold a memorial service for them.

To all those who may be reading, who never named your babies or held a memorial service for them, we hope this story inspires you and helps you on your road to healing.

Thank you Carly for posting this and for encouraging moms and dads around the world with your beautiful words and projects.