It’s been too long,
This path I’ve had to follow
And how I cried when you died,
Much too soon…
My child.

How was I expected to be
On this motherly journey –
Without your tiny hand,
Tucked safely in mine?
It made me shudder…

And yet, I believe that your soul
It lives, it breathes, it shines in me.
And I embrace this role as your mother.

Although I stumble
I feel His grace and I am humbled
Because you couldn’t stay,
My child.

It’s been too long,
This path I’ve had to follow.
Six years today, I gave you away
To Heaven
It was much too soon.

This path I’ve had to follow,
Might not have been my plan,
Yet I trust that your little hand
Will forever be here in mine –

So shine my child, shine…

Happy 6th Birthday Keaton



Dear Mommy, On Mother’s Day

You have created every part of me; You put me together in my mother’s womb…When I was growing there in secret, You knew that I was there. 

Psalm 139:13-18

Today I celebrate you mommy, but I do this from up above;

I know this day is sad for you, but may it be full of Love. 

You need not worry for I am safe in God’s warm embrace,

I am happy here and play all day with all my angel friends.

As you sit and cry in daddy’s arms, some may not comprehend

Your tender heart will forever miss the child you grieve, that’s me!

But know that you are a mom, MY mommy you will always be…


On this day it may feel cold when others seem not to care;

I wish I could take away the lasting pain you seem to bear.

I cherished every day we had and if you only knew,

The kicks and flutters you often felt were the feet and tiny wings I grew.


When you close your eyes at night and begin to dream,

Know that I am with you, though I cannot be seen.

Feel the little kisses on your cheek, listen to the prayers that I speak; 

And in the stillness of your heart, hear my wee voice sing,

Songs of love and peacefulness mark the gifts I bring.

Know that I wait at heaven’s gate patiently for you and dad,

We’ll all be together again, so try not to be too sad.


Thank you for giving me the gift of life, and taking good care of me,

On this Mother’s Day remember that I Love You for Eternity…


With Love and Hugs,

Your Heavenly Angel


~ Written in Loving Memory of Baby Keaton – Born into Eternal Life on Jan. 16, 2009 ~

(Mother’s Day, 2009)

Tears of Love: A Poem

Tears of Love

For Baby Keaton 

Aching silence magnifies my sadness. 


Your rest is eternal.

All I can think of


 Is you.



Tears of love,

Surround me.



Dearest Keaton,

Mama misses you, so, so much.

I miss you all the time, but today,

I’ve been left with my thoughts and

aching silence magnifies my sadness. 

I had a little cry at church today, I’m sure you understand




Surrounded by young families,

Little ones around your age;

Singing, laughing, playing in the aisles,

Cranky sweet sounding whispers asking “why?”

And soft whimpers wanting to be held

because soon it will be nap time.

For them, but not you.


Your rest is eternal…


Cuddled by their mommies and daddies

Reassuring them with kisses, I dare not turn around.

It is too difficult to watch, it is hard enough to listen

Although I try my best to concentrate

On something else

All I can think of

Is you.


The more I try to stop my lip from quivering

The faster the tears pool

In the corner of my misty eyes.




And during the solitude of prayers

I let them fall freely,

And I am exposed, but it doesn’t matter

Tears of love,

The droplets spill down my cheeks

And I don’t even bother to wipe them away.

Why should I?

And I am comforted by the thought

Of your presence in this place

One of the only places

I can feel your heavenly arms

Surround me.

Even though I cry sometimes,

I am at peace knowing you are here.

My baby boy, Mama loves you



~ Written September 2010 ~