Greater Vancouver

Available in BC, Canada

Pls. view Support Groups link for information about local and online meetings.

bcbereavementhelpline.comLower Mainland 604.738.9950; throughout BC 1.877.779.2223  compassionate volunteer photography services shortly after a stillbirth or early infant loss (min. 25 weeks gestation).

Elizabeth Ministry St. Nicholas Parish Chapter (Langley, BC) of Elizabeth Ministry (see below).  NOTE:  Please contact info(at) if you are interested in starting this ministry at your Parish. 

Elizabeth Ministry International An international movement that respects all life.  Supports families through mentoring and peer support, training and education and spiritual nourishment on topics such as the following:  pregnancy and birth, miscarriage and stillbirth, regretted abortions, infant or child death, crisis or special needs, adoption, fertility and infertility, relationships and marriage as well as parenting.  

Denis Boyd is a Lower Mainland therapist specializing in grief, marriage and stress.  A number of Counsellors and Psychologists offering various kinds of therapy to individuals, couples and families are available at Denis Boyd & Associates.

The Gardens of Gethsemani Catholic Cemetery offers burial services at no charge for miscarried and stillborn babies at Rachel’s Garden and Jesus and the Children Garden, the areas designated for children and infants.

Rachel’s Vineyard is a confidential service available for those seeking healing, reconciliation, and spiritual renewal after an abortion.

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