Encouraging faith, hope and healing…


Little Light of Heaven has been created to offer support to bereaved families after the loss of a baby – during pregnancy, at birth, in infancy and as a toddler.

If you are a grieving parent or family member, we warmly extend a sad and sincere welcome.  We understand what it is like to love, lose and miss an infant.  It is our hope that your visit here may be helpful in your journey ahead.   

Little Light of Heaven encourages faith, hope and healing.  It features various resources that may be helpful for bereaved families and for those who wish to support and encouragement them.  Please note that we also recognize the joy and unique challenges associated with having subsequent children.  Information and posts will be updated regularly.  Please also view upcoming events for opportunities to meet other babyloss families.

Our little ones will always be loved and remembered.  Little Light of Heaven is dedicated to all young children gone-too-soon.  May your light shine on us from heaven as we faithfully honour your beautiful, yet brief lives.

Peace and blessings,

Light Mama

Mother of Baby Keaton, Baby Gabriella and Baby Dominique

You are each my ‘Little Light’ of Heaven

8 thoughts on “Encouraging faith, hope and healing…

  1. I Am So Thankful for this site!
    Today I Am
    A Daddy for the First Time
    And My Little One
    Is In Heaven
    We didn’t even know there was a pregnancy until today, and Our Little One was taken to Heaven by a miscarriage sometime in the last few weeks…….

    Thank You for the Love and Support You put into this Website…..

    Thank You and God Bless You…..

    • We are sorry to hear about your precious baby, your family is in our thoughts. Thank you for your positive comments, we are happy that this site has been helpful. I’ll contact you to see if you would like to receive a prayer card. Many prayers and blessings…

  2. I stumbled upon your site and wanted to say thank you :-). My wife and I were expecting our first child this December but our child is in Heaven due to a miscarriage. Our hearts hurt and break everyday with the loss.
    Thank you for being here for those who have had this tragic event happen to them. GOD bless you !

    • We’ll say a prayer for you and your wife and for healing in your hearts as you continue to love and miss your baby in heaven. This time of year can be bittersweet. Sending peace…

  3. Hi, I stumbled upon your page as I was looking for a prayer to heal my heart. I was 31weeks pregnant with my first. It was a girl. I suffered preeclampsia but my doctor detected it late and so i ha emergency c section. She was born with severe intraventricular hemmorage with hydrocephalus.she also had a hole in he heart and obstruction of the colon :(. We had to choose to disconnect her from life support my little girl was so little and already fighting for her life. She would have needed so many surgeries. I just wanted to let her rest. I love her and miss her everyday . Our life’s has changed forever. I would had never imagined what happened to us. We are broken.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry to hear about your little girl, there are no words – we’ll include you in our prayers. I’m happy to send a prayer card if would like one. Just let me know, you can email me directly.

      Do you have support in your area?

      Sending warm thoughts and prayers to you and your family.


  4. I had a C-section at 30 ‘weeks on the 4th/July/2016;due to severe preeclampsia, IUGR, oligohydramnios…my baby was doing fine in the incubator until on the 9th/July/2016 when he died. This’s the second boy we’re loosing due to this complication…its been so devastating and happy to know I can draw strength from this site…l’m also thankful to God that I have 3 kids…lThanks once again for your prayers

    • I’m heartbroken to hear of both of your sons passing into heaven Mary-Anne. I pray God touches your heart with gentleness and encouragement.

      My prayers are with you and your family…

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