A Beautiful Service

On Saturday, Nov.2nd on the Feast of All Souls’, a special service was held to remember our dearly departed including the lives of infants and children who died too soon.

Families were invited to light candles and bring them up to the altar in memory of their loved ones as “Ave Maria” was sung.  Some walked to the front of the church tearfully as they held their votives.  There were many who expressed appreciation for the choir as the songs were beautifully sung, and the words reflected hope and healing.

After the service, everyone was invited to enjoy tea and treats and socialize at the Teddy Bear Tea.   At this reception, bereaved family members got a chance to meet each other and share their stories.  These families were also encouraged to write the names of heavenly children in the “Little Book of Life”, to take home prayer cards and choose a teddy bear.

To all the families that I met that day, I feel fortunate to have met all of you and will keep you in my prayers.  The first year into the grief journey can be so difficult…if you need to connect with other bereaved families, please contact me – there is no need to journey alone.

Thank you to all the volunteers who helped make this event happen.  To those who played and sung in the choir, to those who volunteered at the Mass and reception, and those who could not attend, but dropped off food and teddy bears.  Special thanks to Fr. John, Pastor at St. Nicholas Parish for his prayers, support and for celebrating Mass on this day.

For more information about future Infant and Child Remembrance Services hosted by Elizabeth Ministry, please visit our events page.

Many blessings,

Keaton’s Mommy