Support Groups online support groups for all bereaved family members and resources for caregivers

Groups in British Columbia, Canada  offers a Perinatal Loss Support Group and meets monthly at 33134 Marshall Road, Abbotsford.  To register call Maryanne at 604.852.2(four)56.

BC Childloss Support Network:  You can request to join the Facebook group called BC Childloss Support Network (BCCSN).  This group is open to all bereaved parents who live in BC, no matter how old the child was or what caused the death. is a peer support group offering friendship and understanding to parents who have experienced the loss of an infant. Empty Cradle meets on the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30 PM at Olivet Baptist Church, 613 Queens Ave. New Westminster. offers bi-weekly parent and sibling bereavement support groups in Vancouver.  Visit the website for an appointment as pre-registration and assessment is required.  The Motherhood Grief Support Group provides monthly coffee meetings for moms grieving the loss of and infant or toddler. monthly meet-ups

Valley View Funeral Home:  offers Suicide Loss & Homicide Loss Support Groups in Surrey/Abbotsford.  Please call Marlyn Ferguson 604.596.886(six)

Please contact for a list of support groups in your specific area.  

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  1. I received your email today about the upcoming service and will be happy to pass that on to the families receiving support through AHS at this time. I am wondering if you would be willing to add the AHS Perinatal Loss Support Group to your website. The group meets once a month at AHS: 33134 Marshall Road, Abbotsford and is facilitated by a counsellor. To register, people call me (Maryanne Balzer) at 604-852-2456.

  2. Thank you for this information, I will gladly pass it on to our families.
    Please add our contact info to your website.
    Valley View Funeral Home in Surrey host Support Groups for Suicide Loss and Homicide Loss. We also host a Homicide Support Group in Abbotsford.
    People have to call Marlyn Ferguson 604-596-8866

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