Miscarriage and Rights

What are your rights during a miscarriage?  Some find out after the fact, when it is too late.  This is an informative article called Your Rights During Miscarriage published by Elizabeth Ministry International.  Although it is in the context of having a miscarriage in the US, many of the points still apply.

Related to this topic is the Letter to Parents before leaving the hospital and Tips for Healthcare Professionals that I wrote when I suffered the loss of my firstborn son.



Little Mysteries

This is a beautiful article called “Losing a little one a great mystery”, written about the recent loss of baby Josephine and the blessings she has brought to her family.

Anna writes “I want to assure all parents who have lost children at any age that their little ones have a great mission: to inspire others to love. Our babies do this by their simple fact of existing; they witness to God’s beauty and goodness, and their innocent lives inspire others to generosity and kindness. May your little saints in heaven ever guide you and bring you hope.”  Well said Anna.  Our hearts go out to you and your family.  I remember too clearly the early days of missing Keaton.

Many blessings…