Healing and Grieving an Ongoing Process for Families

Bereaved parents and family members 18 to 80+ years of age attended the infant and child bereavement workshop on May 30th “Hope and Healing After the Loss of an Infant or Young Child”.  Guest Speaker Denis E. Boyd, R. Psych.  delivered a sincere and compelling talk about living through grief and the common challenges that bereaved couples face. 

The audience was made up of mothers, fathers, support professionals as well as siblings and grandparents.  Tips about what healthy grief looks like seemed to hit home with many people as heads bobbed up and down when the speakers related their stories of hope and healing.  A shared sense of relief was felt knowing that the thoughts and feelings – likened to a roller coaster ride – are normal reactions after the loss of a child.  

Many told me that the most powerful part of the program was meeting with others in the discussion groups and having other people such as family and friends, recognize that healing is an ongoing process.  We shared ideas on how to deal with frustrating things others say or do, helpful resources that were available, and ways to honour our children, especially during special dates.

Please contact me at info (at) littlelightofheaven.com if you are interested in attending future workshops and events.

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