Prayers for Maeve

This post on Carly Marie’s blog is truly inspiring.¬† Our thoughts and prayers are with Maeve and her twin daughters Aibhlinn and Caoimhe.

Carly Marie shares Maeve’s story on her blog and writes:

The memorial service for Aibhlinn and Caoimhe will be held this Saturday July 16th, 42 years and 3 months after they passed away. If you have a moment on Saturday, please send out some love and a prayer for Maeve.

It is never too late to name your babies.

It is never too late to hold a memorial service for them.

To all those who may be reading, who never named your babies or held a memorial service for them, we hope this story inspires you and helps you on your road to healing.

Thank you Carly for posting this and for encouraging moms and dads around the world with your beautiful words and projects.

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