Slowing Down

I’m learning a lesson in patience.  I don’t consider myself technically savvy so it is quite a miracle that I got this site up and running in the first place.  You might notice a few glitches along the way — sorry about that. 

Unfortunately, I’m stuck indoors with a cold, but as I look out my kitchen window at the bright, but grey-ish sky behind the gentle sway of the evergreen trees, I have come to the conclusion that sometimes we need to slow down, but can be awfully stubborn about it.  Our bodies can send us a clear message that we need rest and after catching a cold or flu, we have no other choice than to do so. 

There have been times when God has called me to listen, but sadly, I blocked it out.  We’re all human, it happens…and yet the question is, when will we be ready to listen?    

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