Meet Me Near the “Baby Tree” – Oct.15th Infant Remembrance Service

October is Infant and Child Death Awareness Month.  The annual Infant Loss Remembering Service is scheduled to take place on Sat. Oct.15, 2011 at 1pm and is presented by the support group Mourning Mothers.

This Remembering Service will be held at the “Baby Tree” at Langley Lawn Cemetery, 4393 208 St. for parents and family members grieving the loss of an infant.  Mourning Mothers has also dedicated a plaque near this special tree in memory of babies who have died during pregnancy.

Last year was the first year I attended the event and it was a beautiful gathering.  We were invited to light candles and write the names of our children on wooden signs and place them on one of the branches of the Baby Tree.  Large and colourful butterflies complimented the fall leaves that also adorned the tree.  


Flower petals were given to each person to spread around the angel figurines near the plaque and families were welcome to say a prayer and share short speeches.  The ceremony concluded with the release of doves.  It was truly breathtaking to watch the white flock of birds gracefully circle above us before flying up towards heaven.      

For more info, call Susan at 604-575-031-three.  The service is non-denominational.

* Please visit the Little Light of Heaven Events page for other upcoming events and have a blessed Thanksgiving weekend.



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