Happy Easter my Love….

Dearest Keaton,

Mama and Papa miss you Sweetie and hope you had a wonderful Easter in Heaven.  It must have been glorious to be able to spend it with Jesus.  At Church today, I was a bit distracted by the little ones around us wearing their bright Easter outfits and couldn’t help but smile at them.  It was also great to see the older children rush outside after the service, excited about the much anticipated Easter egg hunt that was planned. 

I often see other toddlers around your age and wish that I could catch a glimpse of what you look like now.  Thankfully, when I close my eyes and kneel down to pray after Communion, I often feel your presence quite strongly which can make me teary of course; but these are bittersweet moments that I really do cherish.  It is so nice to be able to spend time with you at Mass son, what a beautiful gift…   

What really matters to us is that we know that you are happy and safe in heaven.   Even though we wish there was a way you could be here in our arms, we know that you never really left.   You will always be a part of our lives and that will never change. 

Going to the cemetery for a visit seems to ease the ache in our hearts and we like spending time there.  Daddy and I like to trim the grass around your special spot with scissors, clean your marker with fresh water, pick out the weeds in the children’s area and tend to your plants.  We hope you like the little bunny figurine we left in your flower pot and will come for another visit soon…

Goodnight Sweetheart,

Mama & Papa


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