A Christmas Lullaby

Recently, I discovered a new Christmas song, Hallelujah (Light Has Come) by a group of talented sisters.  The band is called BarlowGirl.  The title brought back memories of when we saw Keaton for the last time and I sung “Hallelujah” to him.  I wanted to sing a lullaby for him before saying goodbye, and these were the only words I could remember at the time. 

When I found this particular music video, it was still early November.  Christmas songs already?  Wasn’t it Halloween just a few days ago?  I stared at the title on BarlowGirl’s site and debated whether or not to press play.  I suspect I was resisting the thought of Christmas coming up so quickly.  Last year, I still wasn’t in the mood to listen to many Christmas songs at all. 

But as I sat there with my finger hanging over the mouse, something inside urged me to go ahead and listen.  When the melody started and the first few notes were played, the music seemed to start out like a sad, but beautiful love ballad which was a bit unexpected. 

H-m-m-m my baby…heaven sent You to me

The words drew me in and instinctively, I took a deep breath and braced myself as I continued to watch the video.  Uh oh, here we go…do I really want to experience this right now?  By the second verse, I was completely captivated and there was no turning back.  I gave myself no choice but to listen to the entire song. 

If you are a babylost parent, I have to warn you, the following lines were especially touching.  I pretty much held it together until I heard these words:

Do you hear the Angels
Sing for You my baby 

As the song ended, I was pleasantly surprised by my reaction.  I wiped the mist in my eyes with the back of my hand, and promptly clicked “replay” brave enough to hum along quietly this time.  “What a beautiful Christmas Lullaby”, I thought to myself. 

As I turned the volume up and began to absorb the music, I realized that something had changed since last year. I felt noticeably different and was finally able to “let go” of the need to protect myself and avoid Christmas music.

On one level, the song could merely stand as a timeless lullaby.  It could have been sung by any mother in awe of her newborn cuddled peacefully in her arms.  But this was a Christmas song and when you pay attention to the words, they describe how Blessed Mary must have felt holding Baby Jesus the night He was born. 

I can imagine how she tenderly held her baby boy close to her heart, grateful for this gift.  This child is the long awaited Messiah, sent from heaven?  It must have been an overwhelming experience for this humble young mother to welcome kings and shepherds and seeing them bow to her boy. 

Alyssa, Rebecca and Lauren, the three sisters that make up the praise band BarlowGirl, croon in perfect harmony with one another.  It is evident that they have a lot of passion for their Christian faith.  Hallelujah (Light Has Come) is a song full of hope and promise, and yet, there is an unmistakable element to this Christmas song that is soulful and sad. 

Perhaps it is a way of hinting that the Blessed Mother knew to cherish these early moments with Baby Jesus knowing that one day, she would have to give her beloved Son up.

This Christmas lullaby is for you Keaton…

Hallelujah (Light Has Come) Lyrics

By BarlowGirl

Hmmm my baby
Heaven sent You to me
All the world’s been praying
Who will Save?

But who am I
That here tonight
I hold the One
Who’ll bring us life

We’ve been found
A child is born
To save us now, Jesus

Hallelujah light has come
A Saviour who will set us free
A promise for those who believe

Do you hear the Angels
Sing for You my baby
Men and kings have come to
Bow to You
But here in my arms

So close to me
The son of God
Now all can see

Hallelujah, we’ve been found
A child is born to save us now

Hallelujah light has come
A Saviour set us free

So praise to God on high
He has heard our cry

Hmmm my baby

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