Struggling with Faith & Infertility

This story named “Chloe” is too beautiful not to share and when I listened to this couple speak, it reminded me of when my husband and I struggled with fertility issues ourselves.  It is a moving account of how God can work in mysterious ways.  In retrospect, He may give us strong signs to lead us.  I know for myself, I didn’t recognize that all the while, He was pointing us in a certain direction and all I needed to do was trust and follow.

Trust and follow.  Hard to do when you are angry and hurting, I know…

There may be times when we feel God has completely abandoned us, yet these may be the exact moments when He is fully there to cradle us in His loving arms of mercy.  We were once in this place of wanting a child and having to wait, and wait and wait. Our faith was shaken. It was when I finally said, “Your will be done, if we weren’t meant to be biological parents, even though it has been my childhood dream, then so be it”…

Shortly after, we became pregnant with Keaton.  Our beloved son’s life here on earth was all too brief and my faith was shattered. We waited again and prayed for our second son, holding our breath and wondering at times.  Our precious little one did arrive and is here in our arms and he is such a joy.

We are now pregnant with our third blessing, a little girl whose name we chose 25 years ago. We are so grateful for all our children. I’m thinking of those who are struggling with infertility, you are in my prayers.

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