Father’s Day Prayer Intentions

We wish you and your family a gentle Father’s Day as we take time to remember our heavenly children and all the fathers in our lives.  Below are prayers that can be included this weekend.  I know it means a lot for bereaved parents to be recognized during church services on special days such as Mother’s and Father’s Day. 

Thank you to others for remembering that even though our children may not be here on earth, they always remain close in our hearts and minds.  Even though all Father’s may not show it, they grieve too…We love you Dads!

We pray;    

For bereaved fathers mourning the loss of their children/grandchildren who have died.

 For couples who are struggling with infertility and those trying to conceive


For fathers who are expecting and those waiting to adopt; as well as parents who lovingly chose to give up and/or welcome children through adoption and fostering.


For those whose fathers and spouses have died and gone before us.

In thanks for all the father figures in our lives.

God bless,

Keaton’s parents

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