Stifled Grief

This is a great read….Stifled Grief:  How the West Has It Wrong

Michelle E. Steinke writes:

I’m here to say those who are honest with the emotions that surround loss are the ones who are the least “stuck” and have received the best therapy around. You see, getting in touch with our true feelings, embracing the honest emotions of death only serve to expand the heart and allow us to move forward in a genuine and honest way. Death happens to us all so let’s turn the corner and embrace the truth behind life after loss.

Little Mysteries

This is a beautiful article called “Losing a little one a great mystery”, written about the recent loss of baby Josephine and the blessings she has brought to her family.

Anna writes “I want to assure all parents who have lost children at any age that their little ones have a great mission: to inspire others to love. Our babies do this by their simple fact of existing; they witness to God’s beauty and goodness, and their innocent lives inspire others to generosity and kindness. May your little saints in heaven ever guide you and bring you hope.”  Well said Anna.  Our hearts go out to you and your family.  I remember too clearly the early days of missing Keaton.

Many blessings…

The STARS Study

Another bereaved mom posted this so I thought I would share.  The more research that can be done about stillbirth, the more likely we will be able to help prevent such devastating losses.

Information about how to participate can be found here.

I’m thinking of all the newly bereaved families that may be saying good bye to their precious babies today, my prayers are with you.

Adoption Ceremony

This evening, I read an article called “Because I Love You“.  In it, the therapist describes the pain that parents feel when giving up their baby for adoption.  She also talks about an “adoption ceremony” which is a beautiful event involving both the birth parents, adoptive parents and their families.

This particular ceremony takes place in a Church setting where the Pastor offers his blessings.  The community is given the opportunity to support the families and the new bond that is shared because of the mutual love that they all have for this child.  What a powerful way to embrace these families and share the love that God has for all of us, His adopted children.

Perhaps more birth parents would think about choosing life for their babies if they are loved and supported themselves after the difficult decision to give up their little ones for adoption…