Post Partum Depression Seminar

You are not Alone!  Coping Strategies for Baby Blues/Post Partum Depression & Anxiety

April 4th, 2017 from 7 PM – 9:00 PM 


Presented ByDiana Ayres, M.A., Registered Clinical Counsellor and Donna L. Crombie, Elizabeth Minister

Location:  St. Nicholas Church, 20675 87 Ave., Langley, BC

Will you be giving birth in the next few months?

Have you given birth recently?

Do you sometimes feel anxious or think you might be depressed or worry your spouse might be?

Have you suffered through infant loss and are pregnant again or recently had a baby?

Feeling lonely and need of support?

Post partum depression can greatly affect couples and their families.  Feelings being of worried, anxious or depressed are more common than we think.  Diana and Donna are new moms and would like to create more awareness about this important topic.

This seminar will go over signs and symptoms of perinatal and post partum anxiety and depression.  Diana will discuss ways to cope, gain support and thrive and Donna will share her story about infant loss and having subsequent children.

Pregnant couples, new parents, supporters and family members are encouraged to attend.  All are welcome!

Cost:  By donation

To register or for more info: 604.931.7211 -

Elizabeth Ministry Launch – Vancouver, BC

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Day

Please join us at these two events, we’d love to meet you!  More info. can be found on the events page.

Read Archbishop J. Michael Miller’s message for Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.  It is wonderful to have support from the Archdiocese of Vancouver and Catholic Cemeteries for Elizabeth Ministry, thank you!

Watch the promo video

Nov. 5, 2016 Infant & Child Remembrance Service

St. Nicholas R.C. Church - 20675 87th Ave., Langley, BC

Remembrance Mass Service: 9:00 am

“Teddy Bear” Tea Reception: 10:00 am hosted by St. Nicholas Parish/Elizabeth Ministry

*RSVP: A response is kindly requested, but not necessary:  info(at)

Families are welcome to bring a photo and/or mementos of their infants or children to share.

Prayers will be included for parents and family members who wish to honour the lives of all children gone-too-soon, including;

- Children of any age

- Infants & Toddlers

- Babies lost shortly after birth and through Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

- Pre-born babies and those who have died during pregnancy for any reason (e.g. ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, complications and stillbirth)

Couples who are trying to conceive and those struggling with infertility; parents who are expecting and those on a waiting list to adopt; as well as parents who lovingly chose to give up and/or welcome children through adoption will also be remembered on this day.  We will also pray for families touched by abortion.


Everyone is welcome to attend the reception immediately after the service.  Families will be offered a teddy bear in honour of their child/ren through Elizabeth Ministry.

Families can enter the name of their child in the “Little Book of Life” and light a candle for their little one.

This event is open to everyone from all faiths and backgrounds, especially bereaved parents and other family members including children, as well as those who support grieving families.

We will be collecting donated wedding/bridesmaid dresses and grad gowns (any colour) for BC Angel Dresses.  Please bring your dresses to the social and they will be lovingly sewn into burial garments for babies.


*Elizabeth Ministry is a faith-based, peer mentorship volunteer organization that celebrates the sanctity of life and honours the lives of all children.

We’re looking for volunteers to assist!  Please contact:

info (at)

International Bereaved Mother’s Day May 3rd, 2015

Mother’s Day is coming up, but did you know that this Sunday, May 3rd is International Bereaved Mother’s Day?  World-wide, mother’s who are missing their children have this one special day, to grieve together, their children gone-too-soon.  May this weekend be filled with peace as you remember your beloved child/ren….

international bereaved mothers day flower blue

Wishing all of you a gentle Mother’s Day…


Apr. 26th Mass for the Unborn

Gardens of Gethsemani is offering a “Mass for the Unborn” on Sunday April 26th, at 2:30pm in the Evangelist Chapel. “We truly celebrate the gift of each child conceived and born, and fully mourn each miscarriage, abortion, stillborn and infant or child’s death at our Catholic Cemeteries”.

There will be a Knights of Columbus Honor Guard and procession to our new Children’s Memorial Garden and Rachel’s Garden as we pray the rosary. All are welcome. Refreshments will be served.

Infant & Child Memorial Service – June 13

Please join us on Sat., June 13, 2015 for the Infant & Child Memorial Service & Teddy Bear Tea at St. Matthew’s Parish - 16079 88 Ave., Surrey, BC (Canada).


Shutterstock image

The Memorial Mass will start at 5:30 pm and the “Teddy Bear” Tea & Social hosted by St. Matthew’s Parish, Elizabeth Ministry and CWL will follow..  ALL are welcome, including children.

Please. email Ann, Elizabeth Minister at St. Matthew’s R.C. Parish for more information.

Light of Life LLoH
“Light of Life” by Libby Dulac

Prayers will be included for parents & family members who wish to celebrate and honour the lives of children gone-too-soon, including toddlers and infants, as well as babies who have died during birth and pre-born babies lost during pregnancy.

*If anyone is interested in bringing snacks to share, that would be much appreciated!

Return to Zero Mar.21/15 Movie Screening

Please consider sharing this with others who may want to see this movie.

Saturday March 21, 2015 @ 7:00PM RETURN TO ZERO Movie Screening

Where: Olivet Baptist Church 613 Queens Ave in New Westminster, BC Canada
Who: Anyone who has experienced the loss of a pregnancy or cares enough about someone who has to support them.
Why: To support Empty Cradle (BC) and to help people heal from the pain of loss.
Cost: FREE Community information and education evening

More information & register online at Empty Cradle
Questions? emptycradle(at)


My Epiphany

The Christmas season ends with the Epiphany.

Christmas was such a whirlwind again this year, when did it even start?  Over the past years, I have come to the realization that it is ok for my expectations to shift.  For me, there is a different “bigger picture” and I am thankful for what really counts.

Early in the season, I loved seeing the curiosity in the eyes of our 2 yr. old as we traipsed through the mud at the tree farm.  It was his first experience helping to choose a tree for his grandparents’ house.  I wandered up and down the rows of trees, holding our little one’s hand and carefully stepped around the saplings.  At the same time, I wondered which tree Keaton would have wanted to pick?  Our 6 yr. old should be here to experience the joys of Christmas, to help “supervise” and carry the fresh tree back to the truck.

Before I knew it, December 25 had arrived.  Amidst the hustle-bustle of Christmas day, we excused ourselves from the family gathering and took our toddler for a ride in the car so that he could nap.  We pre-planned to visit the cemetery to say “Merry Christmas” to our eldest son Keaton that day.

Each year, a few parents lovingly decorate the area dedicated to infants and children at our cemetery.  Bows on the trees, candy canes on the fence and poinsettias on the markers.  The decorations make the cemetery look more like a Christmas garden and it makes me smile.

After we got there and cleaned Keaton’s plaque, my husband tried to preoccupy our youngest (why refused to nap in the car as we had planned) by pointing out the birds in the pond and the candy cane decorations.  I stood a few feet away shivering at Keaton’s gravesite.  It was a sunny, but chilly Christmas day.  I shoved my hands in my pockets and let my mind wander as I quietly mumbled the words to “The Lord’s Prayer” out loud to myself.

Our Father, Who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name; Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven…

All of a sudden, my mouth and my mind came to a full stop.  I got to the word “Heaven” and could not go on with the prayer.  A lump had formed in my throat and I was acutely aware of the words I had just recited.  I knew this prayer well and yet, the words “on earth as it is in Heaven” replayed over and over in my head.  It was like I was jolted into focusing on the present moment and then I felt an incredible wave of sadness.  Why is it that you are not here with us Keaton?  Was it God’s will that was done?  Why were you taken to heaven so soon?  What is Christmas in Heaven like?    

I looked down at Keaton’s marker.  Motherly instinct whispered that it was he who urged for my attention.  My baby boy simply wanted me to be with him undistracted.  For weeks, I kept myself busy with Christmas “stuff”.  Preoccupied with other things.  I didn’t give myself much needed time to miss Keaton during this special season.

Overcome with emotion, I took the this time and allowed myself to really connect with Keaton, “I’m here my Love, mama is here – we miss you so much…”  And in that moment I felt like God gave me one of the greatest gifts I could ever get for Christmas – the opportunity to be with my son in a special way.

The cemetery is one of the places where I get a chance to experience just a little bit of heaven on earth.  To be fully present with our loved ones is a gift in and of itself.  The chance to be reunited with those who have passed because of the birth of baby Jesus is the ultimate gift.  As the Christmas season ends, I pray that this upcoming year I remember to live in present moment more often and be thankful for the precious gifts God has given me.  That includes both of my sons.

Merry Christmas Keaton…

We love you,